How Mprise Agriware helps your business

10 Insights to get grip on your greenhouse

In this rapid changing world, the need for an agile organization is bigger than ever. Reduce your footprint, produce more with less. But how do you know where to start? It might sound obvious, but it all starts with insights! But to get those insights you need to have your processes and registration in place. Then you know in what areas you need to develop the organization. Agriware 365 helps you with this; growing into maturity by starting with insight. We offer IT solutions for office and workfloor, to support your business and produce matching insights for every maturity level of the organization.



Better planning through insight into planned vs. actual consumption of space, labor, materials and yield.

• Optimize space planning
• Get visualization in actual labor
• Insights on material requirements



Grip on your cost price with insights into pre- and post-calculation production costs. Including (actual) energy costs.

• Insight in pre- and post-calculation production
• Visualization costing (per batch)
• Energy costs

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Grip on sales performance with insight into the order position and realized turnover compared to budget or comparable period.

• Prevent losing grip on sales
• Turnover vs. budget or period
• Find deviations

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Labor performance

Schedule labor more efficiently and reduce costs with insights into labor performance vs. labor standards.

• Labor planning & scheduling
• Efficient use of labor
• Insights in planned vs. execution date



Optimal sales by accurately visualizing what is available for sales in the short and long term.

• Visualize what's in house
• Prevent shortages
• Find variations available stock

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Continuously improve your cultivation recipe by providing insight into duration, with quality and climate data.

• Optimize lead times
• More accurate growth schemes
• Insights in climate impact



Full insights into stock flow and traceability of (plant)materials from receipt, production till shipment

• Lot tracking
• Tray or plant level tracking
• Closing supply flows

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React pro-actively by simple germ counts on the work floor and quick detection of deviations and their consequences.

• Reduce overproduction or shortages
• Plan accurate (early changes)
• Quick detection of deviations

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Reduced overproduction with insight into scrap and surpluses, easily recorded during cultivation processes.

• Record in the field with Inspect App
• Analyze scrap reasons
• Find deviations

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Increasing margins through insight into pre- and post-calculation margin for (customer-specific) production to order.

• Batch cost vs. realized turnover
• Pre- and post-calculation margin
• Margins Production process — Order process