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With Agriware 365 you keep a grip on your business operations, especially for horticulture.

That way you can prevent errors, improve quality and maximize your margins. Coordinate sales and production and make efficient a (mulching) planning.

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Integrated process support

As a production company of rooted and unrooted cuttings, it is important to be able to properly manage the specific business processes for these product forms down to the smallest details.

This not only concerns the management of mother plants at home or abroad, but also the coordination between the planned sales forecast, actual orders and the next (un)rooted cuttings production.

Because all business processes can be accommodated in the Agriware ERP software, it is possible to work without complex links and integrations, within a business system. As a result, the information is always up-to-date and available to everyone, so decisions can be made quickly and carefully.

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Mother plant & Cuttings rooting

The management of mother plants and their planned cutting production can be complex, due to the many factors that can influence this. Simple management of the crops and keeping an overview of all abnormalities during cuttings production is crucial, to be able to realize reliable planning and implementation. The main components for mother plant and cuttings rooting are:

  • Mother plant management: coefficients, growth curve, locations.
  • Unrooted cutting: cutting planning, flush percentage, track & trace.
  • Cuttings rooting: order-driven, activity management, cultivation schedule.
  • Nursery management: space, labor and machine planning.

Stock management of cold storage

The processing speed simplicity of the production results is critical. This often involves a high workload. The production must be placed in the cold store with the correct labels as soon as possible.

Stocks in the cold store must be carefully managed. Likewise, the freshness of the cuttings will have to be monitored, to make sure the correct freshness can be assigned to orders. In Agriware, the employee who assigns cuttings to orders always has insight into the availability, date of picking, origin and location of the cuttings.

Surplus and shortage of unrooted cutting

At many propagation companies, the management of sales forecasts, customer contracts and actual sales orders is an integral part of drawing up the production plan and updating it during cultivation.

Efficient management of the potential surplus and shortage of cuttings is crucial, to be able to make commitments to customer orders and manage the production locations.

  • Sales requirements: Forecast, contracts, orders.
  • Production requirements: Starting material for rooting and mother plants.
  • Supply: Mother plant cutting planning, rooting orders, purchase planning.

Agriware offers the right tools to compare the planned availability of unrooted cutting (URC) and rooted cutting (RC) against the expected demand for unrooted sales orders and rooting orders. As a result, there is always an up-to-date insight on which decisions can be made, and customers can be served better and faster.

royal van zanten Royal van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is an innovative company that successfully operates within international floriculture.


This is achieved by continuously improving genetics, by creating synergy in breeding, propagation and cultivation technologies, and by intensive collaboration with partners within the chain. The company uses Agriware for the worldwide operational support of the production locations in the Netherlands and Uganda.

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