Once every two years the Hillenraad100 is published, a ranking of the hundred most prominent companies in the Dutch horticulture. The TECH50 contains 'the 50 most remarkable and promising companies in horticulture engineering and technology in the 10 most important domains'.

Hillenraad TECH50
Technology domains

These domains vary from 'light & led', to 'greenhouse technology', 'sensing & data collection', 'data science', 'vertical farming'..... to 'platforms'. The top 5 companies were selected for each category. These companies have been awarded stars.

Joop de Jong, CEO of Mprise: "We are proud that Mprise Agriware with 3 stars belongs to the top 5 of the category 'platforms'. This gives a great encouragement to all our employees to continue on the chosen path.

Leading and promising

To make the broad concept of horticultural technology easier to grasp, the TECH50 research team made a division into 10 domains. For each domain, five Dutch companies were ranked with a star rating. The assessment was based on the careful comparison of a number of business factors, such as growth potential, innovative and/or disruptive technology, tech as a revenue model and substantial R&D investments. In addition, the opinion of the peer group of experts from the sector and the insight of the creators themselves were taken into account. More than 280 companies were investigated: established businesses, scale-ups and start-ups.

Software solution for the industry

It is noteworthy that Mprise Agriware is among the top 5 software platform suppliers and that Mprise Agriware is the only company therein with an integrated ERP software solution for the sector.

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