With the Settlement Solution in Dynamics AX2012, you automate the settlement process of general ledger transactions for the system accounts of receipts and packing slips. This is not only great for avoiding all the manual work, there are more advantages:

  • Win time.
  • Get a complete insight and overview of your transactions.
  • Reduce the chance of mistakes.
  • Give a correct substantiation of the system accounts.

Our customers are also happy with this and indicate that this automation is fast and accurate:

“With the Settlement Solution, we are able to give the right substantiation of the outstanding purchase and sales orders. This saves us a great deal of time in both the period and the annual audit. That makes the accountant happy and so are we. “- IJsvogel Retail

How does the Settlement Solution work in Dynamics AX2012?

In short, this Solution checks all purchase and sales entries on the system accounts for receipts and delivery notes. If these are correct, the general ledger transactions are settled. If the relevant general ledger transactions do not close, the transactions are shown in a separate overview. By reviewing what is not right, you can intervene directly to resolve differences where necessary.

Our proof of concept for the settlement

In order to provide our customers with insight into the possibilities and what it delivers to them, we work with a so-called proof of concept. For a small investment, we install the Settlement Solution on your test environment and we give you a few weeks to get started. If it works for you we will work together. If it does not work for you, we get the software off again and you will continue working in your own way.

None of our customers have gone back to their own way of settling after the proof of concept so far. And we are quite proud of that!

I also want an automatic settlement

Are you thinking such an automatic settlement is something for you? Then there are a few points that we still check:

  • It specifically concerns Dynamics AX2012.
  • This works for both large numbers of transactions and smaller numbers.
  • The settlement works for the system accounts of receipts and packing slips.

Learn more about this settlement with our webinar

Periodically we organize free webinars (online demo). Here you get a first impression of this solution and we will demonstrate how it works. From this webinar, you decide whether you want to work with this solution. If so, we will install the software with you for the proof of concept. In order to find out more about our webinars, please download the extended brochure.