Target group
Starting developers and (technical) consultants. This course is suitable for Business Central in the cloud and Business Central on-Premise.

This course is the AL edition of the course C/Side Introduction, often called Development 1.
The aim of this training is to gain the basic knowledge for developing extensions in AL (Application Language) using Visual Studio Code (the new development environment for Business Central), for those without experience in Business Central (or NAV) development.
On the agenda are the basic objects (like tables, table extensions, pages, page extensions, reports, codeunits). With this knowledge the participant is capable to process changes and extensions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software.
Between the 3 days of this training course are several days. The trainee is considered to perform the given exercises. This will take a considerable amount of time (4-8 hours).

The level of the training Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC-INT) is necessary foreknowledge.

• VS Code – AL Development Environment
• AL programming, code units
• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Objects:
- Tables, Table Extensions
- Pages, Page Extensions
- Reports, Report Extensions
- XML ports
- Queries

Through means of practice and cases, this knowledge is extensively brought into practice.

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