Target audience
A workshop that focuses specifically on the key-users. This workshop (and the way the program is defined) focuses entirely on the role of key-users. This workshop is - in addition to the focus on key-users - also useful for project managers/ process owners. It not only provides concrete guidelines for key users, but also gives a better insight into the interpretation of the other project roles.

This practical workshop provides insight into the meaning of the role as a key user. How do I take this role? Which tasks are included? Which competences do I need? Which preconditions must be met? And: how do we form a team together?

In contrast to a training, a workshop has a more "open" character. As a participant you have the opportunity to determine the points for attention and the content of this day. An active contribution is expected: by doing various assignments you gain insight into your role (awareness) and you work together with others (team building); resulting in a clear picture of your role.

No specific prior knowledge is required (not even of the software solutions used). This day is about your role, every key user can participate in this workshop.


  • Part 1: The solution and the project that you represent.
  • Part 2: Being a key-user, what exactly is that role?
    • Tasks
    • Responsibilities
  • Part 3: What do I need to take this role:
    • Knowledge
    • Competencies
  • Part 4: What makes my role successful?
    • What are the conditions / preconditions?
    • What makes a project successful?

1 day