Mprise has developed an e-learning solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This solution supports organizations in training their employees. The solution focuses on the basics of Microsoft Dynamics NAV; practice shows that each user has to master these features.

The E-Learning solution is suitable for all versions of NAV, which makes use of the Role Tailored Client (RTC).


  • The subject of the training has split into small components and is accessible for every user of the system. The learning time of every component is relatively short.
  • Three ways for accessing a learning component are available: (1) for observing the parts before starting a learning session, (2) for performing a learning session, and (3) for examining the trained subjects by a predefined test.
  • The organization is free to choose the stuff to learn.
  • The training content is adaptive to the individual user.
  • Differentiating complexity per user is possible.

Management Information

The solution provides managers with information that provides insight into the progress and results of a particular user.


  • The e-learning solution is cloud-based, which means that it is available over the internet at any place and at any time.
  • The solution is available in the Dutch language.
  • Each organization has access to a protected domain, which is organized by Mprise. Tailoring the solution to their needs (e.g. company style, logo, colors) is possible.


  • The solution is suitable for initial training of users as well as for keeping their knowledge up to date.  
  • The solution serves both as a tool for individual training and as a part of a blended learning concept (e.g. in combination with classroom training)